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The best-run businesses treat data as an asset.
Even more so than before now in the Big Data era data needs to be carefully managed. 

Hodari Information Management specialize in
SAP Data Volume Managemen
t and with our team of experts we offer innovative and best practice solutions in managing data for desired business outcome.

At Hodari, we believe that a holistic approach is indispensable when it comes to data management.

Our team focuses on design, implementation,
on-going operations and maintenance of data management strategies.

Data Archiving

Data archiving strategies are designed to improve performance and manage costs, moving static data from the online database to offline archives. 

  • Performance:
    Online database growth slows enterprise network and database performance. Data archiving is the process for moving static ‘business complete’ records from the database to the archive—freeing online disk space while maintaining seamless archive access for users.
  • Cost:
    Companies are experiencing exponential database growth each year. Data archiving move data from online storage to lower cost archival systems, slowing the growth of infrastructure maintenance and reducing total cost of ownership.
  • Preparation:
    A data archiving strategy enables an organization to plan for changes, including system upgrades (S/4HANA) and manages challenges like legacy system decommissioning and legacy data access.


Retention Management

Retention Management governs data in compliance with outside and corporate retention rules and business requirements; maintain ready access to data and documents; helps protect organizations from legal and business risk.

  • ​Compliance:
    Ensuring regulatory compliance through management of the information lifecycle, from creation to record retention and finally destruction.
  • Data End-of-Life:
    Destroy archived data of the live system after expiration date.
  • e-Discovery/Legal Hold:
    Retrieve all relevant business data objects and link them to a legal case. Set legal hold orders on all relevant business data collected in the legal case.


System Decommissioning

System end-of-life process. ​Remove all relevant data from the system being decommissioned. Bring this data into the Retention Warehouse environment and apply retention rules. Perform reporting operations on the data after the system have been shut-down.

  • Relevant Data:
    Data from closed business processes.
    Data from open business processes.
    Master Data



The Data Retention Tool (DART) aids SAP users in meeting legal data retention requirements for tax audit purposes. DART allows periodical extraction and retain tax-relevant data from active SAP applications. DART extracts the data into sequential files and provides tools for viewing the retained data in various ways. Since DART can only read from the database only, data extraction must precede data archiving.